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I have recently started babysitting, and have decided to invest some money on a babysitting-bag. It should include-

Colorful bandaids.

First aid kit.


And some fun and cheap activities.

So my question is:

What are some REALLY cheap, give-away-able things I could buy for my bag?

And what else should get?

I don't mean stuff like diapers, formula, etc.

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Dude;; you should totally keep the lollies. When i was younger and was being babysat if they wanted me to be good - id want a reward! Who wouldnt? :) Also id buy a book or something because if you have to read a child one of there books - most of the time theyve already read them a million and one times. This will be a huge score to the child

Goodluck :)

P.s im not saying give away the book - just bring it :D

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Well you can...

make braclets out of string and beads - you can get those at any dollar store for less than $3.

blow bubbles - mini despensers are about $0.99 at dollar stores.

colouring books and crayons - books are about $1-2, and crayons are $1 for a big pack

plastic balls - about $1

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I think you should forget the Lollipops and put something healthy in that bad.

Easy Puzzles, glitter pens, fancy cutting scissors, small super bouncing ball, sidewalk chalk.

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crayons, toy cars. colouring books

all that jazz from the dollar store

also make sure the kids dont have allergies to your lollipops

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