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The piano sounds like a carnival and the microphone smells like a beer!?

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Since this is in the form of a question. I'll give you my take on these words. Playing gigs can be lonely experience; particularly if they are in a club where the common theme among the patrons is loneliness. John Prine's phrase to describe a similar scene in "Donald & Lydia" was "a warehouse of strangers."

"The piano sounds like a carnival" always conveyed to me a sense of the piano being a bit out of tune and therefor it produced a din of sounds.

"The microphone smells like a beer!" to me is an allusion to a microphone that gets used every night and has has picked up the unpleasant smells of a small club.

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I've always been under the impression that the microphone smells like a beer, because it is a beer. Plenty of gentlemen and ladies will sing into their beer bottle/glass pretending its a microphone

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What's sad is that all the songs coming to go that point out BEER are country,and this is in R&P. It makes me suppose of matters like Garth Brooks pronouncing "We're on a B-double E-double R...Are you in?",and Toby and Willie singing "it can be time the long arm of the legislation put a number of extra within the ground.Ship 'em all to their maker and hell settle 'em down.You could wager hell set em down intent Justice is the one factor you must consistently find." as they ask for ''Beer for My Horses''.

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Now John at the bar is a friend of mine, he gets me my drinks for free ,

And he s quick with a joke or to light up your smoke,

But there's someplace he'd rather be.

He Says "Bill, I believe this is killing me"

As a smile ran away from his face...

"Well, I am sure I could be a movie star,

If I could get out of this place"

Sing it Billy...........SING IT!

God, Billy Joel's earlier stuff was just brilliant........

Captain Jack.....Miami 2017.......Ballad of the Billy the Kid.......

then after 52nd Street.....he went all top 40 schlock.

I followed him to the end of his career.......even bought that last album....."Fantasies and Delusions"------but his earlier stuff was EPIC-

The Entertainer........Say Goodbye to Hollywood........I've Loved These Days.

I even have a bootleg album taped wayyyyyyyyyy back when, before Piano Man, when he was still a nobody, playing at Bottom Line. He use to do impressions of Joe Cocker and Bruce Springsteen......funny stuff.

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It's sad and it's sweet, and I knew it complete, when I wore a younger man's clothes.

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many a good times with that song

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